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Are You CPO Certifiable?

In Blog, CPO® by Cathy Erntson

There are many great reasons to get a CPO® Certification. For someone new to the aquatics industry, it can give them a good foundation of general knowledge to build upon and an understanding of aspects within our industry that they may not consider when in the pump room from day to day. For others, it is required by the job, or even the state. But did you know that it can also get your facility listed as certified?

SwimToday is an industry-wide campaign to grow swim team participation. To achieve this common goal, several industry partners (including NSPF®) joined forces to help show the world that swimming is the “funnest sport there is”. The best way to do this is to get more people swimming!

For facilities with USA Swimming teams or that are Make A Splash providers, having 4 CPO®s makes your facility eligible. After filling out a short form and providing the certification numbers for each certified employee, SwimToday will showcase your facility as a certified facility. There is a filter on www.SwimToday.org that potential swim families can use when making their decision to join a team. Having this distinction can drive potential patrons to your facility, as it gives you one more way to stand out among other facilities. And who wouldn’t want to stand out just a little bit more!

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