Why Aren’t More Commercial Pools Turning To Salt System Chlorination?

In Blog by Timothy Petsch

This is a very interesting question. Let’s face it. All of us in the industry know by now that chlorine generators –  “Salt Systems” – are now the most popular residential pool products in US history. The last statistic that I read was that around 90% of all new residential pools are now equipped with this nifty device. So when I am discussing a commercial application with prospective clients I often hear that while they know lots of friends who have one on their home pool, they did not believe that they work commercially. Why?

I have heard some mind bending reasons:

– I would have to change out all my equipment first

– The equipment payback is over 20 years

– The maintenance is a lot more difficult

– My electrical costs will be unaffordable

– All my equipment will corrode

While none of these are actually correct, they have gained some traction in the market, because fear is a driver. I have heard of some corrosion occurring but when I dig into the details I find that roughly 80% of the cases are due to terrible water balance, with approximately 20% due to improper bonding of the electrical loop.

So where do these assumptions come from? Most people I ask this question of tell me that they heard it from a reliable source, but are not sure who actually told them. My personal guess is that it is due to the guys in the pump room just not wanting to change.

What do the swimmers want? Well, that is a no brainier. They are making themselves heard. Salt systems are just going to get more and more popular despite the mis (or dis) information. Maybe it’s time to put aside the fear and look into the benefits they can bring to your own facility.