Valve Sequencing Revisited

In Blog, Maintenance Tips by Ed Miller

Due to the increased cases of damaged equipment due to improper valve sequence adjustments over the past few months I thought it would be a good idea to revisit proper valve sequencing.

Pool valves are used to control the direction of water flow to and from the pool.  Improper valve sequencing and adjustments can and will damage such things as delicate quartz sleeves in UV reactor housings, blow out O-rings or crack chlorine generator cell housings just to name a few.

It is always a good practice to open and close valves whether it be a typical ball valve, butterfly valve or multiport valve in a slow and deliberate fashion and have a full understanding of where the flow of water is being directed to. It is also very important that you are not going to be redirecting the flow of water away from vital equipment such as a heater or UV reactor housing or chlorine generator cell before shutting them down properly first. Pool heaters and UV systems should be shutdown prior to shutting off a pump allowing a cool down period. Labeling your valves and plumbing can also be helpful in avoiding catastrophe. Always remember to place valves back to their original positions once done completing routine maintenance.     

Remember you should always read your manuals and having a valve sequence layout schematic will always come in handy.

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