Chemistry Controllers

A chemistry controller usually will automate the process of testing the water for Chlorine and pH and will adjust these levels based upon pre-programmed “set Points” that are entered into the units programming. Manual testing is still required.

Benefits are:

  • reduced maintenance – For facilities operating their pools “manually”  the pool operator must be constantly check chemical levels, and adjustment Chlorine and pH manually; a time consuming process.
  • increased water quality with consistent monitoring/corrections – there is a valid mantra about dosing chemicals;“use less chemicals more often, and more chemicals less often”This is the primary function of the chemistry controller. It takes readings constantly, and, as soon as it starts to detect that a trend is forming, it will take corrective action. It will also dose the appropriate chemicals in very small regulated doses  with small doses of chemical keeping the chemical swings to a minimal, resulting in more finite control than an operator would have time for.
  • automatic data logging (to supplement hand test logs) –most chemistry controllers allow for data logging. This is immensely helpful when trying to track pool trends throughout the week and during “off hours”.
  • 24/7 monitoring of the pool – most controllers today offer remote monitoring by sending emails when there are alarms for high/low pH, chlorine, temp. and lack of flow.  This feature has become very popular with pool operators and maintenance staff who cannot be at the pool all day, or, who are on-call over the weekend.

Chlorine Generators

Chlorine Generators are mechanical devices that, utilizing the process of Electrolysis break down a mild level of NaCL (salt) mixed in a solution of pool water into 100% Free Available Chlorine – Ordinary Chlorine that comes from a container has to be stabilized, for transportation and shelf life. Liquid Chlorine is about 12 % chlorine while granular or tablet Chlorine is about 60+% available Chlorine The naturally produced chlorine that is made with a chlorine generator is 100% Free Available Chlorine, and because of the recycling process of the salt in the water, you will not “run out” of chlorine.

Benefits of using these devices are:

  • on demand production – correctly “sized” chlorine generators, are able to produce the enough chlorine to keep up with the “demand” due to bather load.
  • greener – reduced on site chemical storage of chemicals , therefore there is reduced need for the mass production of chlorine at a factory trucks to transport the chlorine, and packaging to store the chlorine on shelves. The use of chlorine generators results in less waste and consumption of resources, making your facility more environmentally friendly and effectively more “green”.
  • active “cleaning” of water as it passes through an energized Electrolytic cell, breaking down other compounds in the water,  such as Chloramines, oils and bather waste aiding the filtration system and increasing overall water clarity.
  • cost effective –because the salt is recycled, over and over, and due to the low cost of salt the cost to operate a chlorine generator is effectively, the cost of electricity. There is a cost of cell replacement over the systems life span, but compared to the ever rising cost of ordinary  chlorine the  ROI (return on investment)  is typically quite attractive.
  • bather attraction – it is  common knowledge that the resulting water from these devices is softer, and more gentle on the eyes, skin and hair of bathers. In fact Chlorine Generators are the most popular residential pool product in US history

UV – Ultra Violet Sanitation / Dechloramination Systems

TMI’s Low Pressure UVC unit is constructed of HDPE, which will resist corrosion, and was rigorously tested by TMI for years before releasing the product.

Benefits are:

  • improves water and air quality by reducing/eliminating the chloramines in the water. – as the water passes through the UV reactor chamber, the compounds in the water are exposed to high doses of UV light, this causes  “dissociation” in the molecules.
  • Makes the water safer– The UV system an added effect. Because it is emitting UV on the 254nm spectrum, any bacteria, viruses, etc. that run through the system will be “inactivated”, this does not mean that the bugs are “destroyed” that is for the chlorine to take care of, the UV simply stops the virus/bacteria’s ability to reproduce and renders it harmless.
  • simple to operate – The system operates on a 120vAC power source. Plumb the reactor in, plug the power supply in, go through the initial startup/calibration setup, and let it run.
  • simple to maintain – There is only 1 maintenance step for the E-UV and SS-UV units. Every couple of months, or, as the UV-C Sensor starts to pick up lower output, a quick wipe down of the quartz tubes will be required. This is a simple process that should take less than an hour to complete on even the 6 lamp systems. (Note the sensor itself may also need to be cleaned
  • affordable – due to the low cost of Low Pressure UV lamps and the HDPE construction, the E-UV an SS-UV systems are affordable options for your facility, compared to the Medium Pressure  system which can  run 2x the cost of one of our systems, and, we can not find any appreciable benefit over our Low Pressure UV when used in conjunction with a TMI Salt Pure® system.

Multiple Options:

  • SSUV-B – The SSUV-B is a non-NFS listed system for states that don’t require NFS Listed UV. With SSUV-B you will be adding in a standalone UV system to dechloraminate your pool, and increase the water clarity. You will see marked improvements in water quality and clarity.
  • SSUV (Salt Synergy® UV) – The Salt Synergy® system is going to deliver the Ultimate in water and air quality available in commercial water today, while providing all the benefits of a Salt Pure® and UV system.

Other UV Solutions

  • TMI MP-UV (medium pressure UV) – Depending on local health code and application, there are times where low pressure systems are not going to be recommended. Typically a Medium Pressure system will be selected when full system flow rates exceed 1000gpm.  If you have a high flow system and you are dealing with stubborn combined, the TMI MP-UV may be your best option. It includes a host of features that the E-UV will not, Automated wiper mechanism to reduce manual cleaning, expanded user interface for a further level of detail and control. Because the MP-UV is made of stainless steel, we do offer the option of pre-coating the reactor chamber with ProtectaClear®-AF, to help prevent and reduce rusting from the corrosive gases in the pump room.

TMI Customer Support Team

TMI has a team of professional who stand ready to provide our clients with fast, knowledgeable support. All calls are answered within one business day, and most within hours if not minutes.

Our team is :

  • CPO® Certified.  Company wide, Certified Pool Operators® from administration to tech to management, we aim to provide the most well informed staff in the aquatics industry.
  • CPO® Instructor and  CPO® Inspector Certified.  In addition to having Certified Pool Operators® we also have CPO® Instructors and CPO® Inspectors on staff in order to give our clients the best, most knowledgeable support possible.
  •  invested in your facility’s success; after all, your success is our success.
  • available for initial and on-going training no matter your location.
  • available by phone – The basic, constant support that comes with the TMI  system. Whether  a new or existing system if  you have questions on equipment function, pool balance, chemistry, operations, troubleshooting or repair, contact  our Tech Team to assist you in finding solutions.
  • Virtual Training – Quickly becoming a very popular option for facilities that do not opt for an on-site visit but realize the benefit of expert training. Using a portal such as “Go to Meetings” a complete training session is available for new and existing clients, reducing the costs associated with On Site Training, and used by many clients as “refresher” courses for new and existing  Pool Operators.
  • On Site Training – When requested, we will arrange to have a TMI Tech Team member come out to your facility and train your staff on your equipment. There are no “general instructions” with this training, all of your Salt Pure®/Salt Synergy® equipment will be covered along with basic chemistry and pool operations .
  • CPO® Training – available as part of a nationwide course offered by NSPF  TMI offers courses in a number of States along with the option of our clients hosting a CPO® course at their location should there be sufficient attendees to warrant the expense of travel.