TMI’s Customer Support Is Awesome!

In Blog by Kate Cunha

As tech support representatives, you might think that we at TMI simply wait for calls to come to us. You’d be wrong. We make a point to connect with all of our clients roughly every 3 months (seasonal pools being the exception). If we don’t hear from you, you may hear from us. We do this to make sure we’re keeping tabs on how all of “our” pools are running, to make sure we get ahead of issues before they arise and to make sure we’re offering you the level of client service you deserve.

Call us for specific tech support questions

We also find ourselves educating our clients on who to call for specific tech support questions, and when. For the most part, you should always call the person or business who supplied the part you’re having issue with. But many companies are more in the business of sales and less in the business of support. Often, that’s where TMI steps in to fill the gap. Working closely with our clients on our own equipment inevitably builds a relationship of trust and we find ourselves fielding calls about all aspects of the pool and pump room. All of our technical staff are Certified Pool Operators (CPO®s) and two of us are CPO® Instructors. TMI has been in the pool industry for more than 20 years. We’ve dealt with nearly everything a pool can throw at us at one point or another, so it doesn’t surprise us when clients come calling with questions reaching above and beyond their Salt Pure systems.

Save time working with TMI

What does surprise us is when our clients do not realize just how much they time they can save by working with TMI. For example, why would you spend an hour on the phone with your TMI TSR troubleshooting a leaking filter, a noisy pump, or a water leveler, only to hang up and start calling around for the parts? Did you realize that you can ask us to find them for you? Or perhaps you think your heater is failing, but are not sure where to shop for another one or what size to buy. Not only are we happy to help size that heater, we can also source it. Since we are authorized aquatic dealers, we can obtain pretty much any pump room part or pool room supply that you need. We’ll do the leg work, utilizing our network of vendors and manufacturers, and then we provide you with an itemized estimate that can even include shipping. We then place the order and even arrange delivery for you. We reduce the time and energy you put in searching for deals and dealers and provide the added bonus of centralizing many of your purchase receipts. Not sure when you bought that pool vacuum? If it was through us, we know the exact date and can contact the vendor for additional parts and warranty information on your behalf.

Being in the swimming pool industry, we also deal with issues of water balance and plaster staining on a regular basis. TMI regularly analyzes pool and tap water as a courtesy to our clients, since we have advanced equipment with testing capabilities that go beyond your standard test kit. We test for metals to help diagnose stains, test for phosphates to resolve chlorine production problems, and test for basic water quality to help balance a pool to the LSI scale. Since we already know and understand your water and can lay out a customized chemical treatment plan to solve any issues we discovered, doesn’t it make sense to work with us for your chemical supplies? In fact, this is exactly why we have a Preventative Maintenance Plan. Not only can you get TMI tested, effective  pool chemicals at a discount, but you may also receive additional warranty benefits for your Salt Pure® system.

Call us with Salt Pure System Issues

So when should you call your TMI TSR? Certainly, call us if you’re having an issue with your Salt Pure® system or have a question regarding water balance. But why not give us a call when you’re thinking about equipment replacement or renovation? We may not be able to help you with everything you’re looking for, but if we can’t, we will usually connect you with another company that can. So check in with us from time to time. Let us know if you have an issue that you just can’t seem to resolve or a question that you’re really puzzling over. We’re happy to help!