S3 – One Stop Shop For Your Swimming Pool Equipment

In Blog by Kate Cunha

How many vendors service your pool in one way or another? 4 or 5, or maybe more than that? One for the large equipment, like heater and pumps, one for water balance and specialty chemicals, another for tech support of your chemistry controllers and disinfectants …sound familiar?

My mother once pointed out a building in her home town that had once been a large department store, like a Macy’s, and mentioned that she had purchased her high school clarinet there, much of her clothes, and her college apartment furniture and bedding. At first it surprised me that just one store carried such a variety of items, but when you think about it, it makes sense. This “one stop shop” is the model that our modern department stores are built on, and every day they find new ways to make sure you find nearly everything you need inside of just one store. This is just good business. If you know that you’re likely to find what you need in just one place, you’ll probably return to that same store each time you need to shop. It’s easy. Less to think about, fewer places to go.

So why hasn’t anyone applied that concept to pools before? Why not have just one vendor for the majority of your aquatic needs? For over 20 years now, TMI has striven to be as comprehensive a vendor for our clients as possible. Now, with our introduction of S3 –Single Source Solutions, we have brought the concept of one stop shopping to an entirely new level. With just one provider, one call, you have access to the following in all 50 states!!

•    Salt Pure® Systems to 150 pounds per day production •    Atlas™ Calcium Hypochlorite  to 250 pounds per day production •    Sodium Hypochlorite Systems •    E-UV® Systems  – Low Pressure & Medium Pressure •    Internet Monitored Chemistry Controllers •    Consulting & Aquatic Engineering and Permitting •    Pumps, filters and heaters •    On-going telephonic and email tech support •    Onsite training •    Virtual training and/or “Eyes On” – Remote onsite support •    Specially chemicals •    CPO® classes •    Fully licensed aquatic dealer

Think about it. With one call you can speak with your tech support representative about the alarm on your Chemistry Controller, order your specialty chemicals, order replacement parts for your filter, and much more. All of your purchase invoices are in one place, negating the need to have a list of what was purchased from who, and when. You only need to make one call in order to start a warranty claim, should that become necessary. Think about how much time and energy a one stop pool support company would save you. Doesn’t that sound like a great idea? That’s S3. That’s TMI. That’s exactly what you need.