Should You Have a Dedicated Pool Tech?

In Blog by Ed Miller

Depending on the facility and the size of the pool a dedicated pump room staff is crucial for a crisis-free environment,

As a field tech I have seen a number of facilities that are always on the edge of crisis, generally they do not have anyone dedicated to the operation of the Pool, or the equipment in the their pump room, someone that knows their way around the pump room and can spot potential problems before they develop into a full-blown crisis and cause the pool to be shut down -resulting in lost revenue or worse.

Accidents can and do happen in pump rooms and in the pool area, from chemical spills to equipment failure and plumbing leaks and electrical shock hazards. Automation from Chlorine to pH to backwashing does not preclude failure, in fact a knowledgeable operator is even more vital to understand how to stay ahead of required maintenance with automation. It is my contention that even a responsive Aquatics Facility Manager, who in an emergency, can remedy mechanical or chemical issues and bring failed systems back online is not a good long-term strategy. A far better and proven strategy is to hire a properly trained, dedicated Technician for the job. It can save money, avoid injury, possibly the facility itself from a lawsuit.