JCC 77,000 Gallon  pool Salt Synergy® Conversion: 2011 “The Riverdale Y has now completed the renovation of its pool, replacing the chlorine based system with a salt water chlorine generation system; the salt will sanitize the water and the UV will oxidize it. The benefits of a Salt Synergy® pool are many and include the following: No red eyes, no itchy skin, healthier lungs, no faded bathing suits and no more smell of chlorine. Salt water promotes a much healthier breathing environment. We have also installed a new HVAC system (climate control) which will control and balance the air and water temperatures in the Pool facility.” Tell me about your decision to convert to Salt Pure? We were at the stage of replacing our filtration system and I had to make a decision for the future.  We were searching for systems that will service our members and swimmers   and got some information from  the JCC Association that TMI was a preferred vendor.  We did some research, went to visit  some facilities with TMI Systems and felt that this was the way to go for the future. During the process of selection you requested that we add the UV to the salt. Why? During research, we found out that UV had been through some testing and when we found out that TMI could add UV to the salt system to make Salt Synergy®, I felt this was the next step to eliminate all the chemicals that need to be used to make the system much more advanced, and as I said this was a decision for the future. In the final analysis, why did you choose TMI? We were able to go to a location who had installed the system a year or two before.  We learned how TMI were keeping the support and the connection to their customers and this gave us the confidence that we could work with them in the future. What changes have you seen since the  installation? Internally, our staff is much happier.  They have a much better handle on the sanitization of the pool.  It is much more technologically advanced and it has better controls, we do not have to handle chemicals in the building.  For our external services, we are giving our swimmers a better environment, less issues with young children or people with needs (whose skin cannot take chemicals).  Also the smell in the building and the pool area is much more tolerable. You have started swimming now? I was always a swimmer but had a pause of a few years, but I had to test the system that we installed so I went back to swimming and I must say that it is a very different experience now than I had before.  The swimming is as refreshing as a shower and its very nice to swim in water where you have no bad taste or itching as a result. What are your thoughts about the post installation support from TMI? We are very satisfied with TMI’s services.  My staff is mainly in contact with TMI on a regular basis getting immediate response.  Most of the things we have to tackle, we are doing it very quickly and with a lot of support from TMI. If you were talking to another JCC about this what would you say? This is the way to go.  First it will provide the user with state  of the art equipment and provided the staff with the best tools and give the facility something different to offer from other places with regular chemicals. Quote from Paul Taylor, Aquatics Director: “Thanks for the continuous support; it is truly an amazing system we are so glad to have it here at the Riverdale Y.  This system is like a smart phone compared to a beeper!!  This is the future for most facilities, as it decreases expenses while providing a wonderful user experience to any pool any where in the world.  Pool operators would sleep better at night and on their days off!”

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