With  this  unique  combination  of  Salt  +UV,  these  fully automated  systems transform water and air quality by virtually eliminating chloramines. Why Salt Synergy®?  Affordable chloramine reduction! Salt Synergy® is the first complete “GREEN” pool water treatment system and the most advanced sanitizing/de-chloramination control system available for a GREENER MORE SUSTAINABLE FACILITY. While chlorine is mandated for use in commercial pools, it is also a well-known path to the formation of many disinfection by-products (DBPs) including chloramines and trihalomethanes. The CDC has become increasingly concerned about the health risks associated with DBP’s including  but not limited to eye and skin irritation, allergies and respiratory problems especially in the more susceptible demographics such as infants the elderly, and of course, those with higher exposure such as frequent swimmers. Over the years, both chlorine and non-chlorine shock have been used in attempts to decrease DBP’s.  These days, UV is becoming increasingly popular to address chloramines in recreational water. The mechanism used by UV to destroy chlorine/chloramine compounds is “Dissociation”. The ultraviolet energy “breaks” the molecular bonds of the compounds reducing them to their basic elements. These basic elements will either combine with others to form benign compounds, or they can be subsequently removed in a downstream purification process. For many years now, the CDC has recommended that commercial pools incorporate supplemental disinfection such as Ozone or UV to kill the parasite Cryptosporidium which is extremely chlorine-tolerant. This is a great reason to add a UV system to your equipment equation, but there are other reasons to incorporate a product such as Salt Synergy® into your equipment equation. Our Salt Synergy® System is made of 3 primary components

  • The Salt Synergy® UV – which actively removes chloramines from the pool water
  • The Salt Pure® chlorine generation system – which sanitizes and oxidizes the water
  • The Chemistry controller –which monitors and controls water balance to attain healthy sparkling water

Put simply, the Salt Pure® element contributes the cleanest, most environmental way to sanitize the water, and the Salt Synergy® UV component delivers the cleanest and most environmental way to reduce and mange the chloramines in the water. With Salt Synergy® our clients have been able to operate their pools and spas with sustained chloramine levels as low as 0.0-0.2 ppm   Below is one such client’s response when asked how Salt Synergy® compares to their old systems. “How does the Salt Synergy® system compare to other systems I have used? It’s like a smart phone compared to a beeper!!  This is the future for most facilities, as it decreases expenses while providing a wonderful user experience to any pool anywhere in the world.  Pool operators would sleep better at night and on their days off!” Paul Taylor, Aquatics Director Riverdale YM-YWHA (Hebrew Association), Bronx, NY 10471 ptaylor@riverdaley.org  Applications:

  • All high use indoor pools & spas that need to improve air quality
  • Health & Fitness Clubs
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Jewish Community


  • Military Rec Centers
  • Municipal Pools
  • Retirement Communities
  • Swim Schools
  • Tennis & Swim Clubs
  • Therapy Pools
  • University & College Pools
  • Water Parks
  • YM/YWCA’s

Client Examples: 

  • Dedham Health & Athletic Complex
  • Riverdale Jewish Community Center
  • American Family Fitness
  • Hockessin Athletic Club
  • Sunset Athletic Club

Now that you have the information on how it works, you might be asking yourself how did Salt Synergy® come about? It was not an overnight discovery, it took a few years to research, test, evaluate results, etc. before we finally came up with the correct equation of components to achieve the result we were looking for, 0.0ppm combined – sustained. The Salt Synergy® System was originally conceived in 2005 when we noticed a trend emerging. The average level of combined chlorine in some of our client’s indoor pools was going up. We wanted to know why. How was it that clients who were running perfectly fine on our Salt Pure® system for years, were all of a sudden, seeing higher combined? We found the answer in their sign-in logs – more members were using the pool. More swimmers  =  More combined Once we had the answer, we started searching for the solution, so we looked at our options which were Ozone, Medium Pressure UV and Low Pressure UV. Ozone systems are highly expensive to purchase and install as well as to operate and maintain. UV seemed to be a better option. As we looked at the UV options, we found that the expense of a Medium Pressure UV system in addition to the broad spectrum treatment resulted in more removal of compounds than desired “overkill”. The chlorine demand created by the Medium Pressure unit was quite noticeable The Low Pressure UV removed and actively maintained low combined chlorine levels (0.0-0.2) without the big hit on chlorine demand. In the end, we determined, that when used in conjunction with a Salt Pure® system, Medium Pressure is simply not necessary, and is more expensive than its Low Pressure counterpart. Which effectively meant, Salt Synergy® is the Affordable Chloramine control solution.

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