Luxury Resort

In 2006 the management of this iconic hotel on the Las Vegas strip chose to install Salt Pure® systems. This not only distinguished it from the other casinos crowding the Las Vegas strip, but saved them money and ushered the move towards sustainable pool operation! After 7 years of continuous use the systems have now stood the test of time and performed well in the hostile desert climate where summer temperatures can rise upwards of 110F. And yes, the systems are still running… Large Outdoor Pool / Waterfall 

Gallons: 500,000

Bather LoadVery Heavy (1,500 per day)

Pool surface area: 17,780 square feet

Water Features: 2 waterfalls flowing at 2,400 gallons per minute


Gallons: 48,000

Bather Load: Heavy

Bare pool

Gallons: 7,000

Bather Load: Very Heavy

Installed in 2006 by American Pool Supply, Las Vegas, NV     Comments from Engineering state: “I was skeptical at first about this system but after working with it for three years, I can honestly say that my maintenance time has been reduced and the water looks better than ever.  This system is awesome!”

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