Dorado Beach – a Ritz Carlton Reserve, opened in December 2012. The property originally belonged to Laurance S. Rockefeller and is built on his original eco-friendly luxury resort, expanding the original design to accommodate modern amenities. The resort is located in Dorado Beach, Puerto Rico and sprawls across 50 acres. Every one of the 115 rooms are within a few steps from the ocean, and offer complete seclusion for a relaxing tropical getaway. The Salt Pure® systems were selected for the pools and spas in order to maintain the eco-friendly design of the resort. The Salt Pure® systems in use are in the:

Hotel Arrival Pool System: 3XLCG  

Water Feature 1 System: XSCG  

Water Feature 2 System: XSCG

BEACH CLUB Pool System: LV13

SPA Men’s Cold Pool System: XSCG

Women’s Cold Pool System: XSCG

Men’s Warm Pool System: 2XMCG

Women’s Warm Pool System: 2XMCG

Lily Pond System: EUV329

The Dorado Beach Resort is part of TMI’s “Healthy Hotels” program. Follow the link to learn more about how you can turn your hotel into a “Healthy Hotel”!

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