Aquatics 2010 DREAM DESIGNS FITNESS FACILITY | OHLSON LAVOIE COLLABORATIVE ACAC Downtown Charlottesville, Va. Read more in the ACAC Showcase Article by clicking here! Atlantic Coast Athletic Clubs set themselves apart in the health club industry, operationally and structurally. While many gyms cater to individuals who are already fit, ACAC’s primary mission is to reach out to inactive adults and their families. With a vision of creating a sanctuary for health and wellness, ACAC’s team of architects, designers and facility managers began planning a new club in downtown Charlottesville, Va., in 2004. The group gave primary consideration to how the facility’s aquatics center could inspire individuals to become more active. The adoption of organic processes and products in the facility benefits members and the environment. The facility relies on saltwater chlorination in the indoor and outdoor pools, which many believe is more economical, safe and eco-friendly than some alternatives. Saltwater pools produce no chloramine odor, and the water is gentler on swimmers _ eyes, skin and hair, and because saltwater chlorinators repeatedly recycle the salt, no byproduct wastes are added to the environment.

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