TMI offers a variety of internet accessible controllers to suit your specific needs. An automated controller can help to keep your costs down.


Chemistry controllers are about as common in today’s pump room as chlorine or acid.

TMI offers a variety of internet accessible and TMI supported controllers to suit the specific needs of our clients. If you are not sure what your specific needs are then check out our pre-purchase checklist by clicking HERE.

Our Controllers fall into three basic groups:



The EMCD-I is a basic, user-friendly controller with internet monitoring (alarm event alerts to PDAs) and data backup capabilities. With a “plug and play” configuration, installation and setup is very simple and can be completed in under and hour. The EMCD-I has pH and Dual ORP control and Is listed / approved by most DOH departments across the county.

Used primarily in locations where a simple controller is best, the EMCD-I provides features usually associated with controllers 2-3x the price.


RSC3 (ORP Only)

The RSC3 platform is highly customizable, with the ability to monitor and control pH, chlorine and various types of equipment (heaters, pumps, VFD, UV, and more) the RSC3 really does “do it all”. With a built in web interface and optional data backup / storage and charting the RSC3 can handle any application you throw at it with relative ease.


RSC3 (w/ PPM)

Building on the RSC3 base models by adding a PPM module will expand functionality as well as accuracy. Starting up a PPM enabled RSC3 can take minutes, and once the remote access is fully setup the system can be monitored and managed from anywhere, from any device (no longer is a PC required to access the controller, view from android, iOS, Blackberry, PC, MAC, Linux). For those with greater demands of their equipment, the RSC3 w/ PPM is ready to meet your needs, and exceed them.

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