Overhead Lines – Plumbing

In Blog, Maintenance Tips by Timothy Petsch

Don’t know about you, but when I walk into a mechanical room and see the plumbing running up the wall and over the ceiling, I feel nervous, heard too many horror stories and seen the damage resulting from burst pipes, and tubing.

Don’t get me wrong, I do not state that it should never be done, as, at times with the config and size of mechanical rooms, it just cannot be helped, and then there are below pool level mechanical rooms, where it just cannot be avoided.

My real concern is when I see poly tubing carrying acid or chlorine stringing their way up the walls and over the head tied to the ceiling. In the best of circumstances one of those bursting, with the delivery pump activated would be nothing short of catastrophic, if not deadly.

If you have to run these poly lines for chem feeds for goodness sake enclose them in Sch 80 ¾ or 1” piping, a few bucks spent on the front end could save thousands later, and perhaps a significant injury!

Oh, last word, be sure to glue the piping and fittings; sounds crazy but I have seen circumstances where they were not. We also recommend you use a licensed professional.