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Maintain Your Pool Cover

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Automatic pool covers are designed typically to be nearly maintenance free. There are several components of your pool cover that should be looked at and inspected a couple of times a year, extending the life of your cover.


Clean out leaves and debris from the motor housing to prevent water from building up and draining off. It is also important for the unimpeded operation of the cover to clean out leaves and debris from the covers containment box. Debris can also over time build up and get deposited within the covers guide rails causing friction and intern added stress on the motor and ropes.


Some metal components of the motors drive assembly on certain pool covers can be greased, things like the reversing cog. It is important not to put grease on things where you will end up with unintended consequences. Grease can attract dirt and debris.


Leave the pool cover open for at least one hour after the addition of chemicals so they can disperse or off-gas (Do Not Leave the Pool Unattended)


One of the primary purposes of a pool cover is safety so inspect the cover itself for signs of wear, age, chemical; the sun can make a pool cover brittle and prone to rips and tears. Repair kits are available at your local dealer for the unintended rip in the fabric.


If your cover is falling apart due to age, replace it.


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