Introducing Elizabeth Taylor’s Aquatic Center!

In Press Release by Kate Cunha


TMI is proud to announce one of our newest partnerships and welcome Elizabeth Taylor’s Aquatic Center into the TMI family.


Elizabeth Taylor’s Aquatic Center located in Los Angeles, California is part of the International Sportscience Institute (ISI) founded by Dr. LeRoy Perry, D.C., C.Ped. He is the CEO and President of ISI. ISI is world renowned for its treatment of spine and back disorders. Dr. Perry is a Chiropractic Orthopedist, Sports Scientist and a Certified Pedorthist who has served officially five times as an Olympic team doctor. His innovations in the field of sports science and Chiropractic have made him a leader in both fields.


Dr. Perry says, “Thanks to Elizabeth Taylor’s generosity we have rebuilt the entire aquatic wing at our International Sportscience Institute. In appreciation for her contribution and in her honor it is named Elizabeth Taylor’s Aquatic Center.” After rebuilding the aquatic center, Dr. Perry said “I spent over two years looking for and researching an alternative to traditional chlorine. After a very thorough investigations including visiting other locations where TMI and other systems had been installed, I decided that the TMI Salt Pure® system would be the best option for my pool, patients and ISI Club members. I had Salt Pure® systems installed in both my therapy pool and spa. After installing our new state of the art TMI System and getting so many great compliments from our patients and Club members. I realized I had to upgrade our entire aquatic center to the highest standard possible. With Dame Elizabeth Taylor’s creative input many improvements were made, including new royal purple floor mats throughout the entire center. Eight aluminum chairs with royal purple webbing were added at one end of the pool. She loved Royal Purple. Handicap pneumatic doors were installed throughout the center. After she passed away, to further honor her memory three large photos of Dame Elizabeth Taylor were added to the aquatic center walls around the pool. I also created a gallery in the hallway with many personal photos of Dame Elizabeth Taylor and myself together, including a photo at the White House with President Bill Clinton. I was her chiropractor for 28 years.”


The Salt Pure® system have been installed and in use in the Aquatic Center for over one year. Dr. Perry said, “Our patients and ISI Club members report that they thoroughly enjoy the new aquatic center and the fresh, clean feeling that they get from the pool. They love it so much they requested more water therapy classes be developed for them.” As a result ISI now offers Water Workout, Aqua Tai Chi and QiGong classes in their 92 degree pool. Dr. Perry said, “The Salt Pure® water is a perfect complement for class activities as it creates a more blissful, buoyant feeling. Our patients and Club members tell me they enjoy a silky skin feeling in and after being in the pool. Many call it a warm mineral bath.” Per Dr. Perry’s website, people from all over the world come to ISI to learn about Hydrokinetic Spinal Distraction/Decompression, a therapy Dr. Perry invented. This method involves being suspended in a pool with flotation devices and weights to decompress the spine; this reduces the need for long term spinal care. On his website, see the article Water Workouts. Dr. Perry said, “Our new TMI Salt Pure® system has significantly increased our patient and Club member’s referrals. They love the feeling of the water in our pool and spa and refer their friends.”


TMI is proud to be partnered with a facility that does so much for the health and well-being of its patients and looks forward to a long relationship with Elizabeth Taylor’s Aquatic Center at Dr. LeRoy Perry’s International Sportscience Institute.


“Anyone reading this is welcome to visit Elizabeth Taylor’s Aquatic Center at our International Sportscience Institute to see what a state-of-the-art TMI system looks and feels like. My patients used to hate the feel and smell of our chlorinated pool. They now love our new aquatic center with the TMI salt-water system and the fresh, clean, silky feeling they get in and out of the water. Our patient referrals have increased as a direct result of using the TMI system. You can visit my website to view photos of Elizabeth Taylor’s Aquatic Center at


Thank you TMI for making a great product and for your continuous expert support.

-Dr. LeRoy R. Perry, D.C, C. Ped.