Electrical Inspection For Swimming Pool

Have You Done Your Electrical Inspection Lately?

In Blog, Maintenance Tips by Timothy Petsch

When last did you have a licensed electrician on site to evaluate and test all facets of your electrical system?

By electrical inspection, I refer to all electrical connections, not only in the mechanical room but in the pool itself, such as light fixtures. Degraded insulation, corroded wires, correctly functioning GFCI’s and broken grounding and bonding wires all need to be periodically checked.

It is recommended that you test your GFIC plugs for correct function monthly.  I venture to guess if you don’t meet that recommendation, what else could you be missing?

It is pretty obvious to most of us why this is an area of criticality. Water and electricity together can be hazardous if not lethal!  According to the CPSC, in the period of 10 years, 60 electrocutions occurred for various reasons, and more than 30 were from faulty electrical systems.

While injury and the loss of life is our main concern, the legal and financial implications could also be staggering and could result in your business closing down completely.  Surely, neither are eventualities you would want to contemplate?

If you have no records of an electrical inspection in the last year or two, go ahead and schedule one. With a downside like this one has, it should be a no brainer.