The TMI Advantage

TMI Salt Pure® Corp - Your Aquatic Partner!


Since 1994, TMI has specialized in the greening of aquatic facilities, existing and new, specifically pertaining to water & air quality.  TMI has assembled an integrated product range consisting of Commercial Chlorine Generators, UV Systems and Chemistry Controllers that are both sturdy enough for the application at hand, and innovative enough to be considered the cutting edge of aquatic technology.


TMI has successfully assisted hundreds of commercial Aquatic Centers and facilities to “green” their aquatics and create healthier and more sustainable aquatic centers.


Equipment without knowledgeable support is just equipment!  The focus is on educating the client to understand how to operate their equipment in a Salt Pure® environment, balancing and minimizing the addition of chemicals to the water while maximizing the benefits of pure, healthy water and air.  This is the fundamental reason for TMI’s success.  Usually, with a new build, once the equipment is installed and pool is up and running, all the contractors who have sometimes spent months onsite, pull up their gear and move on to the next job.  Other than warranty issues, the client is typically left to fend for themselves.  This is not a negative reflection on the pool contractors or builders; it is just the way it has always been done.


TMI has designed a process whereby the client is provided an unparalleled level of support in those first few decisive months. This support ensures they have the tools necessary to successfully run their pool. Our System Integration is designed to be seamless and is professionally supported with telephonic and online support every step of the way.  Every member of  the TMI tech support team is either CPO® or CPO® Instructor certified. We provide a full level of remote support on all product and water treatment programs and focus on Client education throughout the process, which plays an integral role in both our and our clients’ success.


TMI is able to work with you from conception of your Aquatic Facility to include; hydraulic layout, equipment sizing and procurement, builder selection, equipment placement, training and on-going support. Unlike other consultants, TMI’s presence is constant , and can be relied on, long after the builder and other contractors have left the site. TMI truly becomes your Aquatic Partner, helping you maintain sparkling clear water on an on-going basis.


TMI offers a range of compatible Chemistry Controllers and Test kits to assist you with understanding and maintaining water balance and problem solving. TMI also offers a range of compatible specialty chemicals to support a Preventative Maintenance program which allows you to have sparkling healthy water at all times.  This Specialty Chemical range includes “Solution Chemicals” to help our clients address all problems that may arise in the running of their commercial pools.



If you’re going salt there’s only TMI Salt Pure® Corporation Your Aquatic Partner!