“I installed the TMI E-UV system in April of 2011. When I walk into the pool room now I notice that the air quality has improved, and the water looks cleaner. The reaction from the bathers is favorable and my bather load has increased which translates into added revenue for the facility.”
- Gus Arzner / Lebanon Aquatics District

E-UV ®

UV systems serve a dual role; primary disinfection of the waterborne organisms, and effective photolysis of Chloramines (Disinfectant By Products –DBP’s) commonly known as combined chlorine.

This is especially important information for indoor pools, where combatting high combined chlorine and the resulting poor air quality is a constant battle.

In 2008 TMI had decided that UV was a critical component in the fight against DBP’s. The more research we did the more we realized that a Low Pressure (LP)UV with the correct specifications – 60mj/cm2 at 254 Nanometers – would perform the function just as well as a Medium Pressure (MP) system, but at around half the priced.

We began testing LP UV systems on a very busy 24/7 Hot Tub at American Family health Club in Richmond VA. The first unit we tested was metal and soon showed signs of wear and corrosion despite the manufacturer stating the opposite, but the results were impressive.

We finally located our current LP UV system in an Aquarium in France which was constructed from HDPE and would be impervious to wear and corrosion from pool water.

Once again the results were impressive with Chloramines being reduced and bathers commenting on how the water and air had improved.

This system is now available for non Salt Pure® pools and is affordable, simple to install and straight forward for trouble shooting and lamp replacement.

We call this unit E-UV ® and it comes with the support that TMI’s Salt Pure® clients have come to depend on for over 18 year!!